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Exhibition stands

Welcome to Stand-In, your premier choice for innovative, sustainable, and Dutch-designed exhibition stands. As a leading Dutch stand builder, we pride ourselves on our commitment to constructing and designing exhibition stands that align seamlessly with your business objectives and budget.

Our unique approach

Innovative Stand Building: Here at Stand-In, we’re shaking things up in the world of stand building. We’re all about embracing sustainability and pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our designs are not only eye-catching but also eco-friendly and budget-friendly, ushering in a new era of exhibition excellence.

exhibition stands
exhibition stands

Why choose Stand-In?

  • Sustainable Solutions: At Stand-In, we’re all about sustainability and innovation. We use top-notch materials for our exhibition stands, ensuring that your display not only looks great but also has a positive impact on the environment. Plus, our approach gives you clear pricing upfront, so you’ll always know what to expect.

  • Fair and Clear Pricing: When it comes to pricing, we believe in transparency. With us, you’ll get competitive rates and straightforward pricing, allowing you to plan your exhibition participation with confidence.

  • All-Inclusive Services: As your go-to Dutch stand builder, we offer a wide range of services tailored to suit businesses of all sizes. How do we know? Well, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest names out there, serving as their trusted exhibition stand experts.

  • Global Assistance: Stand-In isn’t just limited to the Netherlands—we’re proud to offer our services worldwide. From designing and constructing your stand to managing projects, coordinating with event organizers, and handling global transportation and storage, we’ve got you covered wherever your exhibitions take you.

Client satisfaction guaranteed

A pick of brands we have worked with and build amazing exhibition stands for: VDL, Ctouch, Alfen and Tsubakimoto.

Different types of exhibition stands

Modular stands: These stands are like building blocks that can be put together in different ways. They’re flexible and can be adjusted to fit different booth sizes and styles. Think of them as Lego sets for trade shows. You can change them around easily, and they’re good for businesses that go to a lot of events. Or have a low budget. Stand-In creates these kinds of stands where you can then put them together yourself.

Custom-built stands: These stands are made just for you, like getting a custom-made suit. They’re designed to match your brand and style perfectly. You can add special features and make them look really fancy. They’re great for making a big impression, but they can cost more than other types. Stand-In is great in delivering these kinds of stands, these are made custom to your brand and are normally for bigger budgets.

Portable stands: These stands are lightweight and easy to carry around, kind of like foldable tables. They’re simple to set up and take down, making them perfect for smaller events or businesses on the go. They’re not as fancy as custom-built stands, but they get the job done without breaking the bank. Stand-In only creates these on special occasions since they are too small for most businesses.

Aten - standbouwer eindhoven
standbouwers voor Veluvine

What makes a great exhibition stand?

A great exhibition stand is all about finding the perfect balance between design, functionality, innovation, and friendly staff. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about telling your brand story in a memorable way and making visitors feel welcome and engaged. Whether it’s through eye-catching signs or interactive displays, every detail should work together to grab attention and spark interest. And while incorporating new ideas and technologies can make your stand stand out, it’s the people staffing it who truly bring it to life. With a welcoming smile and a passion for your brand, they turn curious passersby into potential customers. So, in short, a great exhibition stand is a winning combination of design, functionality, innovation, and friendly faces—all working together to make your brand shine.

Our projects

Smart solutions

Partners network | Alfen | Smits Ovens
Solliance |

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50 m²

Veluvine | ED&A | KMWE 
Lyreco | Absoluta | Partners Network 
Opple | Gymna

100 m²

CTOUCH | Clipper | VDL
Vermeulen | Lifesupplies | Cosentino 
Kulicke & Soffa

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200 m²

Nijpels | Aten | Mapna group
TVH | Flam | Creative Cooling Group | Aliplast