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Since 1985

Stand-In is your exhibition stand builder in Limburg

Are you planning to participate in an upcoming trade show and want to ensure that your company stands out among the many other booths? Look no further than Stand-In! With over 35 years of experience, we are the specialists in stand construction in the Netherlands and Europe. We have the knowledge and expertise to transform your ideas into a powerful exhibition stand design that puts your company in the spotlight. Need a stand builder in Limburg? We’re ready to serve you.

Over 35 years of experience

Stand-In has over 35 years of experience and understands the importance of standing out among the many exhibition stands. We always think in terms of possibilities and let our creativity run free. Our goal is to create an innovative design that captures the attention of visitors. Our team of experts is ready to make this happen. At Stand-In, we focus on the combination of creativity, experience, and limitless possibilities.

Stand-In as your stand builder in Limburg

Whether it’s the Stainless Steel World Conference (SSW), Mif Paper Money Fair, or the BBB in Maastricht, we understand that the ambiance and appearance of your exhibition stand are crucial to its success. The design of your stand is the first thing that captures attention and must hold it to persuade. Therefore, the importance of a well-designed exhibition stand should not be underestimated. At Stand-In, we are focused on achieving the desired result. We always bring a refreshing and innovative approach to the designs we create, ensuring that your stand surprises and impresses.

Stand-In: Stand builder since 1985

At Stand-In, we have been the stand builder specialist since 1985. Our strength lies in listening to your needs and ideas and transforming them into impactful exhibition stand designs. We always think along with you and pay attention to detail. As a full-service stand builder, we take care of everything from design to realization. With our extensive experience, we can tailor your exhibition stand to your exact specifications.

No limitations in design

At Stand-In, we primarily work with wood as the main material for constructing our exhibition stands. This provides us with unlimited possibilities in design. We can fully design your exhibition stand according to your vision. We embrace challenges and constantly seek innovative solutions. This ensures that your exhibition stand stands out among the many others at the trade show.

Tips for an effective and attractive exhibition stand

When designing an exhibition stand, there are several important factors to consider. The use of visual elements such as posters, banners, and displays is crucial for promoting your product or service and capturing the attention of visitors. It is also important to ensure sufficient space for visitors to move around and use high-quality materials to create a professional look. Additionally, lighting should be adjusted to create the desired atmosphere on the exhibition floor. With these factors in mind, Stand-In can help you design an effective exhibition stand.

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